Continuing Education

Obtain your continuing education credits from TSG to stay educated and well informed of IRS regulations, changes to tax law, compliance, and industry changes. We are partnered with leading industry providers to help increase your knowledge and complete annual required credit hours. Credits are also attainable while attending our seasonal events and workshops.

Get Your IRS AFSP Designation

The Annual Filing Season Program will be an interim step to help taxpayers and encourage education for unenrolled tax return preparers. The IRS continues to pursue legislative authority to mandate a continuing competency program. In the meantime the IRS will administer a uniform voluntary examination in future years in order to ensure basic return preparer competency.

ERO Benefits

There are several benefits to participation in the Annual Filing Season Program (ASFP) for EROs including:

  • Your name is included in the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications that will be available January
  • You will have limited representation rights for returns you prepare and sign
  • Encourages you to remain current with changing tax laws
  • You receive the AFSP – Record of Completion that shows existing and potential clients that you are a well-educated tax preparer dedicated to your profession





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