Who is Tax Services Group (TSG)?

TSG is a nationwide provider of professional tax software providing EROs access to business building products, and year round support. We opened our first tax office in Miami, FL in 1999, serving our local community. We built a brand, and a large client base by having a reputation of offering good service at an affordable price, growing to prepare upwards of 10,000 returns out of just 3 locations. In 2007 we partnered with accredited teaching organizations and began our tax school to help area EROs build knowledge and their careers in a classroom setting. We added a variety of reputable tax products to better serve our customers, and build revenue. Since then, we’ve put our experience to work for you by developing TSG. We truly are designed by tax pros, for tax pros”!

Is TSG software “forms” based or “interview” based?  

Our software is forms-based, enabling you to select the forms you need as you need them. Forms are stored in the software and can be pulled up a few different ways including a search by name, first few letters of the form name or description.

How does the built-in technology make doing returns faster & easier?  

The software is dynamic, with built in features designed to save time, and increase efficiency. Scan and store helps you move towards a paperless office; Optional electronic signature pads reduce time spent preparing each return by up to 7 minutes; TextLink enables you to message your clients individually or in groups to market ongoing, or to send simple “check ready” reminders. Our Management Dashboard and daily reporting is customizable to keep you organized and in control of your returns at a glance. These are just some of our user-friendly features.

What is Scan & Store?

Improves efficiency and accuracy while saving time preparing each tax return. The built-in support for certified handheld scanners enables you to capture the taxpayer’s source documents and information and associate them with the appropriate tax return within the software. Eliminates the need to photocopy and physically store documents as you move towards a paperless office.

What are the benefits of a 2D scanner?

The same scanner used to scan and store information directly in each tax return can ALSO make starting a return a breeze! For W2s and K1s with a two-dimensional (2D) barcode, you can start a tax return and capture all data on those forms, by simply scanning the 2D barcode with a certified handheld scanner. All captured information is automatically added to the return and Client Data page, speeding the processing of returns, shortening the client interview process. This helps you get more done, faster.

Why would I want to use an electronic signature pad?

Electronic signature pads provide a quick return on investment in several ways: significant time-savings; eliminates copying and filing of documents for future access in each tax return; saves money by reducing paper usage & storage; minimizes errors; helps meet government disclosure requirements; additionally it moves you towards a paperless office.

What is TextLink Plus?

TextLink Plus is a 2-way text messaging service fully integrated within TSG’s software. All TSG software packages include TextLink Plus at no additional charge, enabling you to send a text message to a Client’s cell phone directly from the software.

What does the Management Dashboard provide?

Experience complete control over, and visibility into your business. Perfect for both a single site, or multi-office tax organizations (even Service Bureaus or those with sub-sites). Set up sub-sites, review returns, and obtain customizable management reports 24/7.

How can I help my tax clients avoid costly penalties regarding the Affordable Care Act?

With recent government changes taxpayers may pay a penalty for not having insurance. TSG can guide you through helping your clients obtain coverage to avoid costly penalties and ensure they are compliant with the new healthcare law. Ask us for more information on how this can drive customers and revenue to your business.

Can TSG help me with an EITC audit or any audit?

Yes! In fact, like many EROs and other high volume tax professionals, we have undergone standard EITC audits, and have done so successfully. Properly applying the credit is crucial to helping customers, as well as staying efficient and compliant in your own organization. We can help you prepare for any audit that arises, and help you perform well year round.

Is training included with my software package?

Yes. We have been training EROs and preparers how to use professional tax software since 2000. TSG provides various training options to ensure your success and comfort level with the software.

Can TSG help me carry forward my Client info when I move from my current software to TSG?

Yes we can. Depending on your current software, data conversion is virtually seamless. While no software can guarantee you that every single field carries forward, TSG will convert all data for you making it effortless and easy as possible.

Who do I contact if I have a client issue or need help in tax season?

Call or email our Support Team year round or call 844-TSG-PROS / 844-874-7767 for help with software, bank products, Client issues and more.

Who do I contact if I have a client issue or need help after April (tax season)?

Contact TSG via phone or email year round for all your support needs. Additionally every ERO has an assigned Account Executive from day one. No matter your question or issue, we will either help you resolve it or get it resolved for you. Over the years we’ve grown our business by taking care of our EROs and taxpayers, following through to be sure the issue is resolved.

Does TSG provide continuing education or help me attain my CE credits?

Yes. We are an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider. We are also partnered with several accredited organizations for continuing education in both English and Spanish. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Can TSG teach me how to do taxes and help me start my own tax business?

We sure can! New for 2015, we announced Tax Services University (TSU) where you can enroll in our ONLINE CLASSES! We have been training EROs since 2000, our head instructor is a tax preparer and tax office owner himself and trained previously for a nationally recognized franchise for over 5 years. All of our instructors also prepare taxes and manage individual tax offices. We have developed our own IRS Approved training curriculum, we train, mentor, and prepare you for success.

The basic course is 1040EZ and 1040A. Our intermediate course focuses on 1040 long form. Our advanced course covers topics such as Supplemental Income, Capital Gains and Losses. Many students want help to develop their own tax business and we can help. We continue to provide guidance, support, along with a strong tax partnership to ensure many profitable and efficient tax seasons. To enroll in our classes, contact us at 844-TSG-PROS (844-874-7767) or support@tsgtaxsolutions.com. Register for online classes by contacting 855-99MYTSU.

Is TSG multilingual?

Yes! We speak fluent Spanish, English and Creole throughout our organization including our sales team and year round support team.

Does TSG offer bank products (also known as Refund Transfer, ERC, ERD, R/T)?

Yes. We can enroll you for bank products automatically, with no minimum volume requirement, first year EROs are welcome. Choose from direct deposit, checks, and debit cards. All enable your clients to have your tax prep fee deducted from their refund. Your tax preparation fees are automatically direct deposited to your bank account. Clients can elect a bank product for both a federal refund and a state refund. This helps attract more clients, and keeps you competitive by offering more services to your customers. For more information on exactly how these products can work for you, talk to your Account Executive or contact us at 844-TSG-PROS (844-874-7767).

Why should I offer bank products in my office?  When do I get paid my tax prep fees?

Your tax preparation fees are paid direct deposit to your bank account when the IRS fully funds the Client’s tax return. Using bank products helps manage your account receivables and helps ensure you get paid. It also helps tax Clients who either can afford to, or don’t want to pay up for your services up front. As well it keeps you competitive with large tax franchises who already offer these services.

What is a “fully funded bank product’?

Fully funded is a term the banks may use to describe a tax return that elected a bank product in which the amount funded, covers all fees associated with that return (tax preparation, bank fees, software fees etc.). There are several reasons why some returns don’t fully fund as expected – it could be due to the taxpayer owing back taxes, other uncollected debt, or errors in the return, to name a few. From our experience, most returns that elect a bank product “do” fully fund. Also, if a return is rejected from the IRS it may just need a correction, and TSG Support can assist with this to help fully fund more returns.

Can debit cards be a good way for a tax client to get their refund?

Offering debit card disbursement is a way to enable taxpayers to receive a direct deposit.  Their funds are accessed by use of a debit card – think of it as a checking account without the checks! Some Clients don’t have bank accounts which means they usually either wait for the IRS to send them a check, or if you use bank products you can print them a check in office. Check cashing can be costly and while many customers are willing to pay check-cashing fees, many don’t realize that getting their refund on a debit card may be an option. A taxpayer’s refund is deposited as soon as the IRS funds the return (mid-week or mid-night!). In addition they save time by not needing to pick up a check, not going “to” a check casher, and they save the check cashing fees. Not all cards are the same, so for more information on using debit cards in your office, contact us at 844-TSG-PROS (844-874-7767) or support@tsgtaxsolutions.com.

Can TSG help me with cash flow especially at the start of tax season when we are waiting for returns to be accepted and funded?

Our bank partners offer a few options with regards to cash flow before and during tax season. We can help determine if you qualify for a variety of advances, which are either a “low cost” or “no cost” alternative to working lines of credit. These can be used for office set up, software, and even office/payroll needs in the first few weeks of tax season. Contact your Account Executive for details.

How can TSG help me take my business to the next level?

Growing or refining your business takes strategy and support. TSG can assist in many ways, from sharing our own successful processes and procedures, developing new ones, or helping you to refine what you are currently doing. Our operation started as a single tax office doing a few hundred returns and grew to preparing thousands of returns annually. By perfecting our processes and sharing them, we realized we not only thrived helping others, but others thrived with our support. Working with TSG enables you to operate your own business the way you want, while sharing strategies, support, technology and help when you need it. We continue to develop and strive to reach new levels ourselves, and we can help you too.

How can TSG specifically help me grow my business?

Some EROs utilize all or most every product and service we offer. Others simply purchase our software, or elect one of several of our Revenue Builder programs, even if they currently use another software. All EROs can rely us for advice, information, suggestions, processes, analysis and more. There are several ways that TSG can assist new and experienced EROs in growing their business. Through discussion and analysis together we can help you determine new ways to improve, grow and or refine your business. A few examples would be: Our ability to help offices determine the best way to structure the staff and payroll; Assistance with reporting and management; Assistance with processes, even provide TSG manpower to help get things done in your office; Implementing systems and marketing to keep the office flowing and without back up; Training, education and more. If your goal is to improve your own expertise as a preparer, or if you want to expand your operation, we can help ensure you do it and with all the support you may need. In addition, TSG provides EROs with revenue builders to help diversify business year round, and generate additional income for the tax office. See our Revenue Builders tab for more information.

How does TSG stay compliant and help EROs stay compliant?

A top priority for TSG is to attract affiliates who have a high level of integrity. We support our EROs and taxpayers year round when they need it. We work closely with our business partners and bank partners to ensure ERO performance remains at the highest standard. We also set high standards to ensure TSG and our affiliates operate in a manner compliant with IRS and bank requirements. We know from experience that growing return and product volume depends on accurate performance, and industry compliance.

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