Revenue Builders Support

TSG offers you something we call Revenue Builders, these are business add-on’s enabling you to make money all year, as well as build your base of business. More customers though the year, equals more customers at tax time. Since you can provide any of our services year round, you can rely on our Support Desk to help you as you need it.

Why Offer “Revenue Builders”

True to their name, TSG Revenue Builders “build the revenue” in your business.  They are designed to  compliment the tax business you are already doing, trying to build or increase.  They give your customers another reason to do business with you, and they build your brand.

TSG Support Provides Year Round Assistance

TSG Revenue Builders are designed to be low maintenance to your overall business.  That means they are already well processed, and well organized and well planned.  We’ve done the thinking for you.  However now and then you may want or need a little help, such as:

  • Assistance with any program training or questions ongoing
  • Marketing materials are usually free and sent to you as needed, Support can help with these requests
  • Updates or information you need are communicated automatically by our Support emails
  • Resources are available in the form of digital docs, videos, webinars, seminars and more

From software to services, we are a call or email away

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