Tax Defense & Resolution

One of the most common challenges faced by tax practitioners is how to maintain, or even grow, their monthly revenues after the close of tax season.

Adding Tax Defense & Resolution Services to your business

Many taxpayers face IRS enforcement actions such as wage garnishment, tax liens, or bank account levy. Our program enables you to offer a Client solution that earns you revenue year round, while providing them relief.  

  •  Tax debt relief specialists, tax relief attorneys, and even ex-IRS agents with the experience and tax negotiation expertise work to help your Client

ERO Benefits

  • A year round differentiator for your tax business
  • Provide Clients a path to relief from IRS pressure
  • Help Clients save money, even thousands of dollars
  • Opens a lucrative revenue stream to generate more income to your tax business year round

Client Benefits

When a taxpayer receives an IRS collection notice, it can be stressful and they can become scared.  Some take no action, hoping the IRS notices and threats will just go away.  We know once the IRS begins pursuing taxpayers, there is a predictable and unpleasant chain of events that can occur if taxpayers do not respond.  We have a solution…

  • Tax relief specialists assist Clients with a free, confidential tax relief consultation
  • Avoid wage garnishment, tax liens, or levy on bank accounts
  • Obtain an IRS has tax relief program such as:

Offer in Compromise

Installment Agreements

Penalty Abatement

Innocent Spouse Provision

Currently Not Collectable

Tax Appeals

Payroll Tax Relief, and More

Now you can help your Clients facing IRS action

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