Start a Tax School in your office

TSG is an IRS Approved Income Tax School and IRS Approved Continuing Education provider. Offer tax class in your office using our IRS Approved curriculum complete with practice examples and support.

Get Started

Add revenue to your office’s bottom line by teaching others how to prepare taxes or help others increase their current knowledge and skill set using our IRS Approved curriculum. We provide an inexpensive and effective course to offer prospective students. We make it easy for you to help a beginner learn to prepare taxes, as well as advanced preparers increase their current skill. We provide the curriculum and guidance such as scheduling suggestions, pricing guidelines, and more.

Benefits to your business

  • Earn income year round
  • Discover talent for your own business for the upcoming season.  A perfect way to identify talent both on the preparer level and general office staffing. Even those performing duties in your office other than tax preparation benefit by understanding more about the return, data entered, documents, storing documents in TSG software, and more
  • Year round assistance, mentoring and support running the classes
  • Curriculum available in convenient digital PDF format 
  • Click here to have a representative contact you with more course information

IRS Approved Classes

  • Teach tax preparation for both 1040 and business returns in your office
  • Curriculum in English and Spanish
  • Beginner (1040EZ, 1040A)
  • Intermediate (1040 Long Form)
  • Advanced (Includes Supplemental Income, Capital Gains and Losses) Read More…
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