2D Barcode scanning

2D barcodes have been on W2s and Schedules K-1 (1041, 1120S, 1065) beginning with Tax Year 2010, and contain all of the data printed on these forms. Capture this information and automatically start a new return! Additionally, this same scanner also enables you to upload documents to a return, this time saver does both (up to 7 minutes per return).

Speed Tax Return Processing and Shorten Taxpayer Interviews

Start a tax return and capture all of the data on the W2 and K1 by simply scanning the two-dimensional (2D) barcode with a certified handheld scanner. All of the captured information is automatically added to the tax return and the Client Data page – which speeds the processing of returns and shortens the taxpayer interview process.

Scan documents, upload and archive them directly into each tax return, or start a new return when the W2 has a digital bar code. Save time, save copy paper, and save endless hours. Say goodbye to putting documents in folders on your desktop! Simple point and click to scan documents and any image in seconds.

Fully Integrated with TSG Professional Tax Software

  • Our software supports 2D barcode scanning
  • Start the tax return and populate form data with just a single click

Improve Your Office Efficiency

  • FAST…Speed up the processing of tax returns
  • TIME SAVER…Shorten the taxpayer interview process
  • BATCH MODE..Allows you to reduce client appointment wait times in busy tax offices by scanning W-2s and K-1s
  • ACCURATE…Improve tax preparer accuracy by eliminating the possibility of data entry error
  • SCAN & STORE…A simple way to archive taxpayer source documents using the handheld scanner (a paperless office solution)

Saving time on every return = More time to do more returns

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