TextLink Plus

Every TSG Professional Tax Software package features innovative 2-way communication via SMS text message. Contact Clients with outgoing text messaging and receive incoming replies. Messages can be sent individually or in groups without restriction on message size or frequency.

No Need to “Call” – Text Clients Instead!

Think of the time you’ll save from making phone calls, and the money saved not paying someone to make them. Send your Clients a quick text message individually or in groups about literally anything. Each message is archived in the return to ensure you keep a record of the communications.

  • EROs can advise Clients of general information. EXAMPLE:  “Get your tax refund done now – our tax office is open M-F 9am-9pm, Sat/Sun 10-3…”
  • A perfect way to notify Clients checks are ready. EXAMPLE:  “Your tax refund check is ready for pick up!”…
  • Text individual Clients specifically to call you about their return. EXAMPLE:  “Please call the tax office regarding your tax return ASAP, thank you!…”
  • Market new services to your Clients. EXAMPLE:  “We now offer insurance services as well as tax preparation…”
  • These are just a few examples, the possible messages you can send are endless, efficient and convenient

Texting Clients = Saved time, money and increases efficiency

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