Why use an Electronic Signature Pad?

There are several reasons to use an electronic signature pad that range from compliance to convenience. Its one of the fastest, low cost ways to streamline your business and make you more efficient. TSG Professional Tax Software has the technology integrated!  Using a signature pad with our software is optional, however set up is simple and you get assistance from the TSG Support Desk as always.

ERO Benefits

  • Ensures you avoid missing taxpayer and preparer signatures
  • Enjoy signing your name “once” all season to store your signature for every return
  • Avoid costly penalties
  • Save time up to an additional 7 minutes per return
  • Increase revenue and productivity by having that extra time to do more returns
  • Save paper on every return
  • A low cost way to streamline, and take your business to the next level
  • Clients are impressed with advanced technology and professionalism

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