Tax Office Support

Tax Truth 101: Every ERO needs assistance at some point in and out of tax season! That’s why we are here for you all year. As tax office owners we know that resources and assistance for your business are key. Tax season presents ongoing issues in every tax office. TSG provides fast answers and help resolving them helps to ensure the flow of the tax office remains constant and smooth. We provide every ERO office, preparer and tax Client year round help with just about anything. And if we “aren’t” the one to best resolve your issue, we’ll head you in the right direction, or help you get there.

Software Install, Training, and Ongoing Support

Every TSG professional tax software package includes installation, training and support in a variety of ways for you and your office and includes both individual and multi-office sites. We are available all year long to help with anything that arises even after season.

  • Help with transition from your current software to TSG tax software
  • Carry-forward of prior year Client data
  • Assistance setting up fees, invoicing, permissions and report options
  • These are just some of the ways we get you ready for season

How to Contact the TSG Support Desk

  • Call us 844-TSG-PROS (844-874-7767)
  • Email us (
  • Your TSG Account Executive is also available to assist ongoing

Is TSG Support “FREE”?

Yes absolutely. Support is provided at no additional cost, year-round for you and your office(s).

“I used to pay for support for my office with my previous software.  I appreciate that TSG answered the phone quickly, responds fast, and even called a Client for me when I couldn’t.  Now that’s service!”  – D.N. 15 year tax professional

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